Great Finds for September

Septiembre es sinónimo de nuevos comienzos. Descubre los clásicos renovados que actualizarán tus estilismos de entretiempo para comenzar nuevos proyectos con más estilo que nunca.

September is all about new beginnings. Discover the classic staples with a modern twist that will update your transitional weather looks to start afresh more stylish than ever.

Septiembre a menudo se asocia con el comienzo del curso escolar y esto significa nuevos proyectos, nuevos planes, nuevos propósitos y estilo renovado. Cuenta con piezas clásicas actualizadas para aportar una dosis de glamour moderno a tu día a día y llegar con estilo allá donde vayas este nuevo curso.

September is often associated with the beginning of the school year and this means new projects, new plans, new resolutions and a style refresh. Trust in modern classics to add a dose of chic glamour to your everyday to make a stylish statement wherever this new course takes you to.


H&M 29,99€

Bolso de ante

Suede bag

Un bolso de color marrón teja es un accesorio clave en entretiempo. Este tono marrón atemporal es lo suficientemente versátil como para combinar con casi todos tus estilismos, tanto con tus looks de finales de verano como con los de otoño, cuando empieza a refrescar. Elige un bolso marrón teja con una silueta actualizada para un clásico moderno que renueve tu estilo al instante, como este de H&M. De ante suave, silueta tipo pouch y detalle de nudos en los extremos del asa, este bolso de hombro es moderno y atemporal a partes iguales.

A tan handbag is a key piece for transitional weather. Tan is a timeless hue versatile enough to match with all of your outfits, pairing well with both late summer looks and actual autumn outfits when weather starts to get cooler. Go for a tan bag in an updated silhouette for a modern classic that elevates your style effortlessly. In soft suede, pouch silhouette and knot detail at the strap ends, This shoulder bag from H&M is equal parts timeless and trendy.


ESSIE Maki Me Happy 14,50€

Esmalte de uñas

Nail polish

Las uñas rojas clásicas nunca pasan de moda y siempre dan un toque de glamour a cualquier look. Ningún tono de esmalte rojo es igual y para conseguir el look de uñas rojo clásico atemporal, opta por un rojo carmesí con matices azules, como ESSIE Maki Me Happy, el tono rojo perfecto para el entretiempo.

Classic red nails are eternally in style and never fail to add a touch of glamour to any look. No shade of red nail polish is the same, so in order to get the classic and timeless red nail look, go for a deep crimson red with blue undertones, like ESSIE Maki Me Happy, a perfect red hue for transitional weather.


ENFASIS 14,95€

Collar de perlas doble

Layered pearl necklace

Las perlas son atemporales, elegantes y una apuesta segura para hacer una declaración de estilo. Pero no siempre es fácil combinarlas con estilismos casual. El secreto para conseguir que las perlas funcionen en tus looks diarios es optar por diseños renovados. Elije piezas con perlas irregulares, formas originales y un toque artesanal, como este collar doble de ENFASIS que puedes combinar con prácticamente todo.

Pearls are timeless, elegant and a safe bet to make a stylish statement. But it’s not always easy to pair them with casual outfits. The secret to make pearls work in your everyday looks is to go for modern pearl designs. Opt for irregular pearl shapes and unique designs with a crafted feel to it, like this layered necklace from ENFASIS, a piece you can pair virtually with every outfit.


ESTÉE LAUDER Futurist Hydra Rescue 45€

Base de maquillaje hidratante

Moisturizing foundation

Una piel luminosa, hidratada e impecable que dure todo el día es clave para seguir tu ritmo diario. Ahora puedes conseguirla con ESTÉE LAUDER Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Makeup. Esta base de maquillaje con múltiples beneficios se siente en la piel como una crema hidratante con color, ligera, transpirable, calmante e hidratante, pero funciona como una base de cobertura total difuminando imperfecciones con resultados duraderos. Puedes leer la reseña completa de esta base de maquillaje aquí.

Long lasting glowy, hydrated, flawless skin is key to get you going all day. You can get it effortlessly with ESTÉE LAUDER Futurist Rescue Moisturizing Makeup. This skin-lovingfoundation feels like a tinted moisturizer on skin, lightweight, breathable and thirst-quenching, but performs as a full coverage foundation in terms of blurring imperfections with long lasting results. You can read the full review on this dream foundation here.

  • Top: H&M
  • Bolso Bag: H&M
  • Falda Skirt: ZARA
  • Sandalias Sandals: H&M
  • Gafas de sol Sunglasses: RAY-BAN

Muchas gracias por leer y hasta la próxima publicación!

Thank you so much for reading and see you next post!

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  1. I love that tiny bit of midriff you’re showing!

    Personally I no longer do mini skirts and have never liked deep necklines but a little bit of a toned tummy has really been doing it for me lately, too. So a crop top + high waisted skirt/trousers (no belly button on show) for me personally.

    It looks really good on you! How comfortable are you yourself showing skin? Do you feel your tastes have changed over the years in regards to how much flesh you like to be on show?

    1. Thank you so much!! When I was trying the outfit I actually noticed the top didn’t reach all the way down to the skirt but it didn’t look particulary bad, so I went with it.

      This is a very interesting question. I actually never wondered if my taste has changed over the years in this matter, but I guess it has. I never felt comfortable wearing deep plunging necklines or shorts. When I was in my twenties and early thirties I used to wear miniskirts and minidresses, but now I just wear them very occasionally and most times paired with opaque black tights. Cropped tops are big right now. They were a major trend back in the nineties and I used to wear them non stop, but these days I don’t wear them too short, just leaving a tiny gap between top and bottom. I think cropped tops look absolutely great with high waisted jeans, pants and skirts.

      Thank so much for reading and for your always very interesting comments!

      1. As an 80s baby, I remember the bared midriffs of the 90s very well! Ah the nostalgia. 🖤

      2. Tell me about it!!

  2. I found that H&M can have some great bags sometimes. This one is fab. And I love the Essie shade! I recently bought Off The Record, which is a deep red to replace an old varnish of mine in a similar colour.

    That golden yellow silky skirt looks beautiful on you.

    Caz xx

    1. Thank you so much Caz!! I bought this skirt a couple of years back on the Zara sale not sure I would give it much use, but I have actually worn it many times.

      Essie Off The Record is a beautiful shade! Great for next months ahead. I don’t own it but I don’t have any shade like it, so I might get it myself too.

      I think H&M has surprisingly nice and very affordable shoes and bags, and quality is not bad at all, specially the Premium Quality range.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  3. Great finds! I love the bag design, colour, everything. The nail colour is also really cool, that red has that hint of berry that’s perfect for fall. Also love the double necklace. And the foundation is a wishlist item!

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