Great Finds for December

Con la temporada de fiestas a punto de empezar, diciembre se presenta con la agenda llena de encuentros. Descubre las piezas clave de belleza y estilo que te llevarán del trabajo a tus citas de la forma más sencilla.

With festive season fast approaching, December agendas are filling up with places to go. Discover the key beauty and style pieces that will take you from work to bar effortlessly.

Con la temporada de fiestas a la vuelta de la esquina, las citas después del trabajo llenarán tu agenda este mes de diciembre. Ve directamente del trabajo a tus citas con piezas de belleza y estilo adecuadas para el trabajo pero también lo suficientemente elegantes como para acudir a cualquier fiesta.

With festive season round the corner, after work meetings will be filling up your holiday agenda. Go from office straight to after-hours gatherings with versatile beauty and style pieces that are suitable for work yet chic enough for any party.


COACH 175€

Bolso bandolera modelo Bleecker Penny

Bleecker Penny crossbody bag

Diciembre siempre es un mes lleno de acontecimientos. Con tantos eventos a los que asistir, un bolso bandolera pequeño y elegante se convierte en imprescindible. Asegúrate de invertir en un estilo versátil que no sólo funcione como bolso de día, sino también como bolso de noche, exactamente como este de COACH. Inspirado en un diseño de la marca de los años setenta, el bolso Bleecker Penny tiene una silueta atemporal que puedes llevar ahora y también muchas otras temporadas. En suave bolso de cuero de color negro, este bolso bandolera pequeño y funcional guarda tus esenciales con el icónico cierre giratorio de COACH y es perfecto para cualquier ocasión.

December is always a busy month. With so many events to attend to, a chic small crossbody bag is a must-have. Make sure to invest in a versatile style that not only works as your go-to day bag but also as your after-hours evening bag, like this one from COACH. Inspired by a compact COACH design from the 1970s, the Bleecker Penny bag has timeless silhouette you can wear now and many seasons to come. In soft, glove-tanned black leather, this functional little crossbody bag keeps your essentials with the iconic COACH turn-lock and makes the perfect small bag for any occasion.


ESSIE At The Barre 15,10€

Esmalte de uñas efecto gel

Gel effect nail polish

Si el mes más ocupado del año no te deja tiempo para dedicar a tus uñas, opta por un esmalte de larga duración, como ESSIE Gel Couture, que te proporciona dos semanas de manicura impecable. Asegúrate de elegir un tono nude que no sólo se verá impecable por más tiempo, sino que además combinará con todos tus estilismos. ESSIE At The Barre es el tono nude perfecto para una manicura elegante, discreta y versátil que puedes llevar a todas partes estás fiestas.

If the busiest month of the year doesn’t leave you any time to dedicate to your nails, reach for a long lasting nail polish, like ESSIE Gel Couture, to guarantee two weeks of flawless manicure. Make sure to go for a nude shade that not only will look flawless for longer but also match with all of your outfits. ESSIE At The Barre is the perfect nude shade for a sleek understated and versatile manicure you can wear everywhere this festive season.



Collar de plata

Silver necklace

Las joyas finas de plata siempre completan cualquier look. Un collar de plata en un diseño delicado y original tiene la capacidad de realzar tus estilismos al instante. Este collar de plata de ANDREA BELLINI es sofisticado y vanguardista a partes iguales y es lo suficientemente versátil como para llevarlo en la oficina o en cualquier fiesta después el trabajo.

Fine silver jewelry pieces always make any basic outfit look chic. A silver necklace in a delicate and unique design has the ability to elevate any look. This silver necklace from ANDREA BELLINI is equal parts sophisticated and edgy and is versatile enough to wear it at the office or at any after work event.


INNISFREE Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream 25,99€

Crema de ojos de hidratación intensiva

Moisturising eye cream

Cuando llega el frío la piel necesita cosméticos intensivos y nutritivos para protegerse de las agresiones externas y combatir la falta de hidratación causada por la calefacción. La zona del contorno de los ojos requiere también un cuidado especial. La crema Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream de INNISFREE repara al instante y ayuda a retener la hidratación gracias al té verde rico en antioxidantes y al aceite de semilla de té verde. Esta crema de ojos nutritiva es densa y cremosa, pero se siente ligera en la piel y se absorbe maravillosamente. Creada específicamente para la delicada zona de los ojos, Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream de INNISFREE realmente marca la diferencia en hidratación, dejando el contorno de ojos nutrido, suave y terso.

When it’s cold outside, skin needs intensive and nourishing skincare to protect against external agressions and combat dehydration caused by heated indoors. The eye contour also needs special attention. INNISFREE Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream instantly replenishes and helps lock in moisture with antioxidant-rich green tea and green tea seed oil. This nourishing eye cream is thick and creamy but it goes on so light and absorbs beautifully into the skin. Customized just for the delicate eye area, INNISFREE Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream really makes a difference with hydration, leaving the eye contour nourished, soft and plumped.

  • Vestido Dress: MISSKOO PARIS
  • Bolso Bag: COACH
  • Zapatos Shoes: RALPH LAUREN
  • Gafas de sol Sunglasses: THOMAS SABO

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  1. When I first came to Korea, I used to love Innisfree and their green tea lineup and did repurchase but I then started developing sensitivities towards fragrance and had to come off it. Does the eye cream still contain fragrance? Did you try any of their other green tea products? I used to really enjoy their serum.

    1. Such a shame you had to stop using this line from Innisfree.

      The Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream is the first product I tried from this brand. It does contain fragrance, but it’s very mild and my sensitive skin didn’t react to it, no redness or irritation so far and I have been using it for about three weeks now. I’m loving this eye cream because it feels very soothing and hydrating and it leaves my eye contour very nourished. I’m definitely planning to try more products from the Green Tea line. I almost bought the serum as well, but I wanted to try one product first to have a feel of the brand.

      Thank you so much again for reading and commenting!

  2. That nude nail polish is such a clever idea, Blanca. It looks stunning, sleek, elegant and festive 🙂 I’ll have to add it to my shopping list 😉
    I’ve noticed lately the importance of using eye and face cream daily. I like the idea of a green-tea based one. So thank you for that!

    Loved your zebra print dress 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Patricia!! In the past I wouldn’t have dared to wear an animal print dress but these days I like to move from my comfort zone and try new styles.

      I love opaque nude nail polish because it matches with many outfits yet it makes nails look glamorous enough.

      For me face and eye creams are absolute must-haves. My skin is very dry and I couldn’t go without them.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Lovely gifts for Christmas!

    1. Yes, these will definitely make nice gifts for Christmas, specially for someone who loves beauty and style. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Hello Blanca, I like the black leather bag with the long strap. I always need bags to carry over the shoulder;

    1. Hello Olivia, I´m so happy you like the bag! A black leather shoulder bag is a staple piece in every wardrobe and this parrticular style never goes out of fashion. Thank you so much for taking the time to read a comment!

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