Great Finds for April

Mantenerte fiel a tu estilo a la vez que pruebas cosas nuevas es una gran forma de dar un giro a tus estilismos. Descubre las piezas clave que darán un aire renovado a tu estilo de primavera.

Staying true to your style yet trying new things is a great way to give a twist to your outfits. Discover the key pieces that will refresh your spring style with zero effort.

Consigue máximo impacto con mínimo esfuerzo combinando el blanco y el negro. La combinación no sólo resulta totalmente apropiada para esta época del año sino que además garantiza sofisticación desde todos los ángulos. Descubre las piezas clave que darán un aire de primavera a tus estilismos de color negro.

Achieve maximum impact with minimal effort in black and white pairings. The combination not only is totally appropriate for this time of year but it also guarantees sophistication from every angle. Ahead, the key pieces that will give a spring feel to your black outfits.


FURLA 245€

Bolso modelo Metrópolis

Metropolis bag

A veces combinar un bolso blanco con un estilismo de color negro es todo lo que necesitas para iluminar tu look. El efecto de contraste que se crea aporta luz a tus estilismos, incluso cuando hace mal tiempo y todo está gris. Este mini bolso de FURLA tiene el color y la silueta perfectos para dar un toque fresco a tus estilismos de primavera. El icónico bolso Metropolis está elaborado con piel de alta calidad y destaca por el cierre de doble botón distintivo de la marca FURLA. Moderno y elegante a la vez, es el accesorio perfecto para dar vida a tus looks.

Sometimes pairing a white bag with a black outfit is all it takes to brighten up your look. The eye-catching effect it creates is simply enough to illuminate your outfits and make them feel totally season-appropriate, even on those overcast days when everything feels gray. This FURLA mini bag has the perfect color and silhouette to give the right amount of playfulness to your spring outfits. The iconic Metropolis bag is crafted in high quality leather and defined by the signature FURLA double-button closure. Modern yet elegant, this is the perfect stand-alone accesory to brighten up your looks.


ESSIE Between The Seats 14,75€

Esmalte de uñas

Nail polish

La primavera invita a llevar tonos de esmalte claros. Prueba un tono en blanco roto como ESSIE Between The Seats para crear una manicura discreta que a la vez ilumine tus looks. Entre el blanco roto y el gris clarísimo, ESSIE Between The Seats es el tono neutro perfecto para combinar con todos tus estilismos. Este precioso tono gris con un suave matiz malva, es un color singular con el aire moderno justo para renovar cualquier look.

Spring calls for lighter nail polish shades. Try an off-white hue like ESSIE Between The Seats to create a muted manicure that is still eye-catching. Somewhere in between off-white and the lightest of grays, ESSIE Between The Seats is the perfect neutral shade to suit any outfit. A beautiful muted gray hue with a soft hint of mauve, ESSIE Between The Seats is a quite unique shade with the right modern feel to refresh any look.


SFERA 4,95€

Conjunto de pulseras

Cuff bracelet set

Brilla esta primavera con joyas que aporten un toque de luz a tu look. Moderno y versátil, este conjunto de tres pulseras abiertas de SFERA está destinado a convertirse en la joya favorita de tu colección. Cada pulsera tiene un detalle distinto: la elegancia clásica de las perlas, el brillo delicado de las piedras de cristal y el diseño original de nudo. Estas pulseras se pueden llevar por separado o juntas para adaptarlas a tus estilismos de múltiples formas.

Shine extra bright this springtime with eye-catching jewelry pieces that add a pop of sparkle to your look. Joy-sparking and versatile, this trio of open-cuff bracelets from SFERA is set to become your favorite piece in your jewelry collection.. Each bracelet features a different finishing accent: the classic elegance of pearls, the delicate shine of crystal stones and the unique knot design. These playful bracelets can be worn separately or together to play with your look in more ways than one.


KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner 23,95€

Tónico facial

Facial toner

En primavera apetece llevar la piel con un acabado más fresco. El maquillaje cubriente de inverno se reemplaza por fórmulas más ligeras. Contra más bonita esté tu piel de forma natural, menos maquillaje necesitarás aplicar. Prepararla piel antes de aplicar serums y cremas puede marcar una gran diferencia en el aspecto de tu piel. Aplicar tónico después de limpiar la piel ayuda a preparar la piel y que ésta absorba mejor todos los ingredientes de los cosméticos, maximizando así todos sus beneficios. En este sentido, el tónico es esencial para preparar tu piel. KLAIR´S Supple Preparation Facial Toner es una excelente opción si buscas un tónico que no sólo prepare la piel, sino que además la hidrate, equilibre, suavice e ilumine, dejándola con aspecto saludable y consiguiendo que el maquillaje permanezca impecable por más tiempo.

Spring means a fresher complexion. The full coverage makeup used during winter months is replaced for lighter formulas. The more beautiful your skin looks naturally, the less makeup you´ll need to use. Prepping your skin before applying your serums and creams can make a big difference in the way your skin looks. Applying toner after cleansing preps your skin to absorb better all ingredients from skincare and maximize all their benefits. KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner is a great option if you are looking for a toner that not only preps but also hydrates, balances, softens and illuminates skin, leaving it looking healthy and glowy and making your makeup look flawless for longer. 

  • Top: BERSHKA
  • Falda efecto piel Leather effect skirt: H&M
  • Bolso Bag: FURLA
  • Zapatos Shoes: CAFE NOIR
  • Gafas de sol Sunglasses: RAY-BAN

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  • kagould17

    Looks like you are all ready for spring, Blanca. It is coming slowly here. I thought of you the other day, when my wife asked me to help her trim her hair (still not going to stylists due to Covid). I wondered what would Blanca do? I was very careful and the results were pretty good so….Phewwww. Have a fabulous Friday. ALlanb

    • Blanca

      Weather was unusally cold and rainy here, but since last weekend it finally feels like spring.

      I actually cut and dye my own hair. I haven´t been to a hair salon in years. I´m glad to hear you did a good job trimming your wife´s hair.

      Have a nice weekend and thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  • Patricia Furstenberg

    I wouldn’t have thought to pair a white handbag with a black outfit, don’t know why. But it looks great, I must say.
    I think I still have a white handbag in the closet 🙂
    And I love the nail polish, it has a little metallic shine to it.
    Not to mention the trio of bangles 🙂

    We’re heading into Autumn here in South Africa, but my heart beats for the European spring. 🙂

    • Blanca

      Thank you so much Patricia! So happy you like this month´s great finds! The nail polish is quite a unique light hue and the bracelet set goes well with almost every outfit.

      I love all seasons, but spring always feels like a new beginning. I always found fascinating the world gets two different seasonal cycles.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  • Invisibly Me

    Love the style and choices here. I actually bought Essie’s Between The Seats last month and I love it! I often go for dark colours, so I wanted something lighter and fresh for spring. xx

    • Blanca

      Thank you so much Caz! What a nice coincidence you recently bought Essie Between The Seats! I really love this nail polish shade. It´s light yet edgy and I love that it self-levels really well with no streaks.

    • Blanca

      Thank you so much Michele! The Furla bag is one of those timeless pieces that never go out of style and are so versatile you can wear them with many outfits.

      Thank you so much for your support!

  • Silver Screenings

    Those bracelets and that cute handbag are Musts for me, especially the handbag. Sometimes those cross-body bags are a little to small to be practical, but this one looks like it could fit a few necessities.

    • Blanca

      Yes, you are so right, small crossbody bags are not the most functional, but this one is quite roomy considering the size. You can perfectly keep wallet, keys, mobile and makeup essentials.

      The bracelets are really nice and I couldn’t believe their price! They look and feel quite luxe.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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