Great Finds for August

Aunque se suela pensar lo contario, se puede ir arreglada incluso cuando hace mucho calor. Descubre las piezas claves que llevo estos días para ir elegante en pleno verano.

Contrary to popular belief, you can look put-together even when it’s sweltering outside. Discover the key pieces I’m wearing these days to look chic in the heat.

No se puede cambiar el tiempo pero si podemos vestirnos estratégicamente para pasar el menos calor posible sin renunciar al estilo. Para mi, una fórmula que siempre me funciona cuando hace mucho calor es llevar una falda tejana y un top de algodón y combinarlo con unos zapatos y un bolso elegantes.

Tip de estilo: completa el look con una joya y una manicura para estar perfecta incluso con la ropa más básica.

You can’t escape the weather, but you can strategically dress to make it as cool and comfortable as possible without compromising in style. For me, a formula that never fails to work when it’s really hot outside is to pair a denim mini skirt and a light cotton top with chic sandals and bag.

Style tip: complete your look with a statement jewelry piece and a bright, eye catching manicure to look seriously stylish even with the most basic clothes.



Bolso modelo Le Grand Bambino

Le Grand Bambino bag

Con sus siluetas limpias y singulares, marcadas formas geométricas y diseño minimalista, los bolsos JACQUEMUS se han convertido en poco tiempo en auténticas piezas de culto.  La marca de moda relativamente nueva sorprendió con su bolso Le Chiquito y desde entonces cada uno de sus lanzamientos es un éxito. Con un tamaño bastante más práctico, el modelo Le Grand Bambino es de lo más versátil. Se puede llevar cruzado, colgado del hombro o como bolso de mano, gracias a su correa extraíble. Con un tamaño medio de lo más chic, tiene el espacio suficiente para llevar lo básico. Su diseño es elegante y moderno a la vez, uno de esos bolsos que desprenden glamour desenfadado. Disponible en una gran variedad de colores, este en blanco roto es un básico que llevaré toda la temporada.

With unique, clean silhouettes, sharp geometric lines and minimalistic design, JACQUEMUS bags have become cult-favorite pieces in no time. The fairly new fashion brand established in 2009 took the world by storm with Le Chiquito bag and since then its release has become a major success. With a more funtional size, Le Grand Bambino is a very versatile bag. With a renovable strap, it can be worn as a shoulder bag, as s crossbody or as a clutch. Spacious enough to fit the essentials yet small enough to look super chic, it’s one of those bags that exude playful glamour. Available in a wide variety of hues, this off white version is the staple bag I’ll be wearing all season long.


ESSIE Backseat Besties 15,75€

Esmalte de uñas

Nail polish

Con la tendencia Barbicore en pleno auge, las uñas de color rosa chillón están más de moda que nunca. ESSIE Backseat Besties es probablemente el tono que mejor representa el rosa Barbie por excelencia. Un rosa super juvenil con matices fríos que atrae todas las miradas por su impacto visual.

With the Barbicore trend bigger than ever, bright pink nails are having a moment. ESSIE Backseat Besties is probably the pink shade that best showcases the true Barbie pink. A super girly bright pink with blue undertones that looks really eye catching.


PILGRIM 39,99€

Collar de eslabones

Link chain necklace

A veces todo lo que se necesita para verse arreglada es una joya con personalidad. Puedes pasar de un look informal a uno glamouroso simplemente añadiendo una joya de tamaño maxi a cualquier estilismo básico. En este sentido, me encantan los collares de eslabones maxi como este de PILGRIM.

Sometimes all you need to look and feel pulled together is a statement jewelry piece. You can simply go from casual to glamourous just by adding a bold jewel to a basic outfit. In these sense, I love oversized chain necklaces like this one from PILGRIM


PAI The Impossible Glow 32€

Bronceador líquido

Bronzing drops

En verano apetece lucir una piel radiante y ligeramente bronceada. PAI The Impossible Glow da color sin estropear la piel. Me encanta mezclar las gotas de este serum con mi crema de cuerpo para dar a mi piel un toque bronceado muy favorecedor. Su fórmula sin partículas de purpurina queda súper natural y no mancha la ropa. 

Nothing looks best in summer than sun-kissed glowing skin. PAI The Impossible Glow is like sunshine in a bottle. I love mixing these magic drops with my body cream to give my skin a beautiful and natural  sun-kissed glow. The glitter-free formula looks extremely natural and it doesn’t stain my clothes.    

  • Top: UNIQLO
  • Falda denim Denim skirt: LEVI’S
  • Bolso Bag: JACQUEMUS
  • Sandalias Sandals: ZARA
  • Gafas de sol Sunglasses: RAY-BAN

Muchas gracias por leer y hasta la próxima publicación!

Thank you so much for reading and see you next post!

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  1. Happy Sunday Blanca. It is good to see denim making a comeback. Who knew back in the 70s when we were all wearing denim cut-off shorts and denim minis, things would come round full circle again one day. Like they say, everything old is new again. Hope your summer is going well. The weather here seems to have settled into a calmer period with warm days and rain showers from time to time. Cheers. Allan

    1. Hi Allan! Yes, denim is a major trend this season, even long denim skirts are making a comeback, I used to wear them back in the 90’s. Weather is really hot in Spain right now. I went to Madrid for a holiday break and we reached 42ºC. Glad to hear your summer is much nicer and calmer.

  2. Blanca, that JACQUEMUS handbag is out of this world. Yes, great match for August.
    Lovely find.

    1. Thank you so much Patricia! White bags are having a major moment and this one from Jacquemus really stole my heart with its chic and modern silhouette.

  3. It’s amazing how a nice mani and accessories can pull a look together!

    1. Absolutely! Even the most basic outfit can look totally different depending on the accessories and beauty accents you pair it with.

  4. Everything looks beautiful, and those SHOES!! Stunning!

    Like a previous commenter said, it’s like to see denim getting more love this summer. That skirt looks so comfortable.

    1. Thank you so much Ruth! I call these shoes my “dancing shoes”, they remind me of ballroom shoes.

      Denim is making a major comeback. It will be big this fall too. All shops have large denim sections with all sorts of pieces and cuts. The skirt is indeed really comfortable. I wear it both for chic and casual looks.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  5. Dear Blanca, I like this relaxed, simple style. It is perfect for hot summer days. You can use it to stroll through the streets, relax in a cafe and enjoy the summer. The top and skirt create a beautiful silhouette. Wonderful!
    Rosie from Germany 🥰🌹

    1. Thank you so much Rosie! Yes, this basic outfit is really versatile and appropriate for many occasions, specially when paired with stylish accessories,

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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