Great Finds for July

El verano es sinónimo de estilo informal. Descubre las piezas clave de este mes y cómo llevarlas para dar a tus estilismos de verano un auténtico aire desenfadado.

Summer is all about effortless style. Discover the key pieces for this month and how to style them to give a sense of ease to your summer outfits.

A medida que las temperaturas suben, incorporar básicos de verano a tu estilo se convierte en una necesidad. Preparar tu estilo —desde tus joyas hasta tus bolsos o tus toques de belleza— es esencial si quieres dar un auténtico aire de verano a tus looks. Descubre las piezas que te ayudarán a adaptar tu estilo a la estación más cálida del año.

As temperatures rise, the need to incorporate hot weather staples to your style becomes a must. Prepping your style —from your jewelry to your handbags to your beauty— is essential if you want to give a genuine summer feel to your looks. Discover the pieces that will help you to chase the sun effortlessly.


PARFOIS 14,95€

Bandolera de mimbre

Wicker crossbody bag

Una de las piezas que no puede faltar en tu vestuario de verano es un bolso en materiales naturales. Considera los bolsos de rafia, caña, mimbre o madera como el accesorio estrella del verano. Me encanta el aire veraniego que da un bolso en materiales naturales a cualquier estilismo, como este bolso bandolera de mimbre de PARFOIS. Se puede llevar prácticamente con todo, desde conjuntos de jeans y camiseta hasta vestidos de día. El aire desenfadado que da a un estilismo, especialmente cuando se combina con tejidos veraniegos como el crochet, es todo lo que necesitas para adaptar tu estilo al verano.

One of the pieces that can’t go missing in your summer wardrobe is a handbag in natural materials. Think of raffia, straw, wicker or wooden handbags as the hero summer accessory. I love the endless summer vibes a bag in natural materials gives to any outfit, like this wicker crossbody bag from PARFOIS. Wear it with everything, from jeans and t-shirt to day dressses for instant summer style. The sense of ease it provides to any outfit, specially when paired with summer fabrics like crochet, is all you need to match your style with the hot season.


ESSIE Expressie Bold And Be Bold 9,45€

Esmalte de uñas de secado rápido

Quick dry nail polish

Los tonos terracota son tendencia este verano. ESSIE Expressie Bold & Be Bold es un tono rojo teja muy original con la capacidad de dar personalidad a cualquier estilismo. Los matices cálidos en amarillo y marrón hacen de este color entre el rojo y el naranja el esmalte ideal para llevar en verano y otoño. Su fórmula de secado rápido y su pincel plano ligeramente curvado permiten una aplicación express para manicuras de última hora.

Terracotta hues are trending this season. ESSIE Expressie Bold & Be Bold is a gorgeous and unique red brick hue with the ability to give personality to any look. The warm yellow and brown undertones make this rusty hue somewhere in between red and orange very appropriate for summer and early autumn. The fast drying formula together with the flat, slightly curved brush allow a super quick application for your on-the-go manicures.


BROWNIE 19,99€

Pendientes multicolor

Colorful earrings

Ya es oficialmente verano y esto significa que no pueden faltar en tu colección joyas vibrantes que den un toque de color a tus estilismos. Busca piezas como estos pendientes de aro dorados con perlas y piedras semipreciosas multicolor de BROWNIE que incorporan el toque justo de movimiento, color y brillo a tus looks.

It’s officially summer and this means vibrant jewels that add a pop of color to your looks are an absolute must. Look for pieces like this pair of golden hoop earrings from BROWNIE with pearls and semiprecious stones to add the right amount of twinkle and shine to your summer outfits.




Leave-in hair mask

El sol, el cloro, los lavados frecuentes y la extrema humedad del verano afectan la calidad del cabello. Asegúrate de proteger tu cabello de las agresiones externas con una mascarilla capilar que ofrezca resultados visibles. K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Mask es una mascarilla de tratamiento para todo tipo de cabello que restaura el daño capilar en cuatro minutos. Con una tecnología de péptidos patentada, trabaja para reparar el daño y restaurar la fuerza, la suavidad, la tersura y el movimiento del cabello. La reseña completa de esta mascarilla capilar estará disponible pronto en el blog.

Sun, chlorine, frequent washes and the extreme humidity that come with summer affect the quality of your hair. Make sure to protect your hair from external aggressions using a hair mask that delivers visible results. K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Mask is a leave-in treatment mask for all hair types that reverses damage in four minutes. With a patented peptide technology, it works to repair damage and restore strength, softness, smoothness and bounce to hair. A full review on this hair mask will be shortly available on the blog.

  • Vestido Dress: STRADIVARIUS
  • Bolso Bag: PARFOIS
  • Sandalias Mules: BY FAR
  • Gafas de sol Sunglasses: RAY-BAN

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    • Blanca

      Thank you so much Patricia! I love bags in natural materials for summer as well as colorful jewels and these two seemed the perfect picks.

    • Blanca

      Thank you so much! The Covid-19 vaccines really affected the health of my hair and I feel the K18 hair mask has actually helped to restore my hair. As for my skin, I just came back from spending three days in the country side when I took these photodand I think it did good not only to my skin but also to my overall wellbeing.

  • Invisibly Me

    Gorgeous photos and I love the finds for July! I saw your reply to another comment about how the Covid19 vaccines affected your hair, I’m sorry 🙁 I’m glad the hair mask seems to help a little though. I’ll look forward to the full review on that one as I wouldn’t mind trying it myself. I find the Aussie leave-in conditioner to be quite good, but I also need to keep changing what I use as my hair seems to get used to it after a few uses and then it’s not as effective. Good excuse to try more products though! xx

    • Blanca

      Thank you so much Caz! I had a massive hair fall out that lasted from last August until December and my hair got really weak. I’ve been taking hair supplements and I use OLAPLEX which is really good, but I was looking for a treatment to restore the health back in my hair, so I gave this mask a try. The review will be available shortly.
      I used Aussie products when I was living in London and I loved them! Very nourishing and they smelled amazing!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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