Great Finds for November

Llegó noviembre y el tiempo está refrescando inevitablemente. Descubre las piezas que llevaré día tras día para llegar al invierno con estilo.

November is here and it’s officially getting cooler. Discover the quintessential pieces I’ll be wearing day in and day out to transition to winter in style.

El otoño está en el ambiente y nos esperz mucho por disfrutar: las noches acogedoras, el calor de las chimeneas, las hojas cambiantes, las tazas de café caliente y por supuesto toda la moda y belleza de la nueva temporada. Como persona en constante evolución, me encanta llevar diferentes estilos y salir de mi zona de confort. Este otoño uno de los estilos que me atraen especialmente es la estética de los años 70. 

Tip de estilo: para una versión moderna de la estética de los años 70, prueba combinar unos jeans anchos con bolsillos delanteros con accesorios de aire vintage.

Autumn is in the air and there’s so much to look forward to: cozy nights in, flickering fireplaces, changing leaves, cups of warm tea  and of course, all the fashion and beauty for the new season. As a woman on the go, I love trying different styles and moving out of my comfort zone. This autumn I’m particularly embracing the 70’s aesthetics. 

Style tip:  for an effortless modern take on the 70’s aesthetics, try pairing front pocket wide leg jeans with powerful vintage looking accessories.



Bolso modelo Amber

Amber bag

Conocidos por su estética minimalista y su altísima calidad, los bolsos BY FAR son accesorios únicos con la capacidad de llevar cualquier estilismo al siguiente nivel. Siento predilección especial por todos los bolsos y zapatos que la marca búlgara lleva creando desde 2016. Sus accesorios son las piezas más especiales de mi colección. Quedan bien con todo y siempre me apasiona llevarlos. Como el bolso de hombro modelo Amber. Su silueta de aire retro da un toque vintage a todos mis estilismos y su color amarillo mostaza de acabado semi brillante aporta luminosidad y contraste.

Known for its minimal aesthetic and superior craftsmanship, BY FAR bags are unique pieces with the ability to take any outfit to the next level. I fall in love with all the wonderful bags and shoes the Bulgarian brand keeps creating since 2016. Their accessories are the ultimate statement makers and the coolest pieces in my collection. They go with absolutely everything and  I’m always thrilled to wear them. Like the Amber shoulder bag. The vintage silhouette gives a retro feel to all my outfits and the unique mustard yellow color in semi patent finish adds luminosity and contrast.


ESSIE Expressie In a Flash Sale 9,45€

Esmalte de uñas de secado rápido

Quick dry nail polish

El otoño es la mejor época del año para llevar uñas inspiradas en el color de las calabazas. Los tonos naranja profundos con matices marrones son cálidos y acogedores, además son tonos de aire muy setentero. ESSIE Expressie In a Flash Sale es un naranja tostado que evoca la visión de las llamas y aporta un toque super cálido a cualquier estilismo de otoño. 

Autumn is the best time of year to wear pumpkin colored nails. Deep orange hues with brown undertones feel warm and comforting, plus they are full of 70’s vibes. ESSIE Expressie In a Flash Sale is burnt orange that evokes visions of flames, giving a warm and rich touch to any autumn outfit. 



Pendientes circulares

Round shape earrings

Cuando se trata de joyas, suelo inclinarme por piezas que añaden un toque especial a mis conjuntos. Esta pulsera MISS SIXTY es un claro ejemplo. Plateada y combinando eslabones circulares de diferentes tamaños y acabados distintos, desprende un aire retro muy auténtico y añade un toque desenfadado a cualquier estilismo.

When it comes to jewelry, I gravitate toward pieces that add a bit of an edge to my outfits. This MISS SIXTY bracelet is a perfect example of it. In silver, mixing different size round links and several metallic finishes, it exudes lots of retro vibes and adds playfulness to any outfit.


THE ORDINARY Multi-Peptide + Copper Peptides 1% Serum 33€

Serum con peptidos

Peptide serum

Los péptidos son un excelente ingrediente cosmético. Desde que he incorporado los péptidos a mi rutina, he notado una mejora en la elasticidad de mi piel y mis arrugas se ven más suavizadas. He probado varios cosméticos con péptidos, pero si tuviera que elegir solo uno de mi colección, sería definitivamente THE ORDINARY Multi-Peptide + Copper Peptides 1% Serum. Este serum es realmente efectivo. Con un color azul único y una textura de rápida absorción no pegajosa, es súper fácil y agradable de usar. Formulado con péptidos, aminoácidos y múltiples ácidos hialurónicos, este serum reduce las imperfecciones, suaviza las arrugas y contribuye a la elasticidad y firmeza de la piel.

Peptides are a great skincare ingredient. Since I incorporated peptides to my skincare routine I noticed an improvement isn skin elasticity and my fine lines look smoother. I tried several skincare products with peptides but if I had to pick just one from my collection it would definitely be THE ORDINARY Multi-Peptide + Copper Peptides 1% Serum. This is seriously a game changing product. With a unique blue color and fast absorbing, non-sticky texture, it’s super easy and pleasant to use. Powered by peptides, skin-friendly amino acids, and multiple hyaluronic acids, this serum reduces the appearance of blemishes, evens out fine lines and supports skin overall elasticity and firmness. 

  • Top: PINKO
  • Jeans: LA COMET
  • Bolso Bag: BY FAR
  • Zapatos Shoes: CAFE NOIR
  • Gafas de sol Sunglasses: RALPH LAUREN

Muchas gracias por leer y hasta la próxima publicación!

Thank you so much for reading and see you next post!

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  1. How is your November weather this year Blanca. We are finding ours warmer and drier than usual. At home, there is still no snow and temps are about +7 C. We are in Vancouver right now and they are +10C and there are still some leaves. A strange year. Have a good Monday. Allan

    1. Hello Allan, it’s a very warm year here as well. Today we reached 26C, which is pretty unusual for November. We hardly ever get snow but at least temperatures drop down to 12-16C during this time of the year. It sounds like it’s unusually warm in your country as well.

      I hope you are having a nice week and thank you so much for commenting!

  2. The handbag is SUCH a great pop of colour, and the bracelet has unexpected detail. (I expected it to be rather plain at first.)

    But the orange nails! Fab! I’ve never seen an orange nail polish I’ve liked, until now. It’s a beautiful, rich colour.

    1. Thank you so much Ruth! The bag works wonders to add some interest to neutral outfits and this orange nail polish is indeed very beautiful. It’s deep and muted, which sets it apart from conventional orange.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I love this outfit and colour palette! It looks so good, especially with your colouring. Autumn is my favourite season and I’m happy to see you enjoying it too!

    1. Thank youb so much, so glad to know you love this 70’s inspired outfit! I love autumn too. I must admit in recent years I learnt to appreciate the good things in every season.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Great Finds are articles that I really look forward to each month, and I’m especially impatient about the next winter and holiday ones. You are wearing beautiful pieces, I love everything, especially the bag, that shade of Amber is so beautiful. Usually I know exactly what I want, but you always surprise me. With something beautiful! Thank you, my dear, I read it as soon as the temperature dropped. Beware of viruses, this year there are an unusually high number of sick people. Thanks my dear beauty, I enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you so much Dusica! I love the whole creative process of the monthly Great Finds and the Season Edits. There’s a lot of thought and work behind these posts and your kind words really encourage me to keep working on them.

      Thank you so much for your advice. Viruses are making their way here too, but it will get worse once the weather gets cold.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I truly appreciate your support!

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